Welcome to Moray Firth Audio
We supply Voice Overs, Sound and Lighting and Mobile Recording Services
We have been supplying the industry for over 16 years in a variety of services

We currently have reworked the services we provide to make this a tighter and more productive company

Voice Overs have featured heavily in the last few years, so this has been focus of a lot of our work

Voice Overs

Glen has been doing Voice Overs for various companies for a number of years now, with his very Unique clean Scottish cross English with an Irish lilt.
Very Safe and Sellable with a lovely upbeat sound.
Glen does various Dialects including most parts of Scotland (Highlands and Islands) Actual Dialect or American Film Remote Scottish.

Glen has also done some Hypnotherapy Reads with a very Calming and Reassuring Dialog

Glen can seriously pump it up with a well compressed hard hitting FM Dance Radio Station ID Sound for a Hard Hit Sell or Punch in ID.  

Sound & lighting

We currently supply Sound and Monitoring Systems for intimate Events, with usually less than 500 capacity venues i.e. Churches, Lounges, Pubs etc.

Up to 32 channels of input with unlimited Processing.

Unlimited use of Mics and DIs etc

Mobile Recording

Moray Firth Audio Mobile Recording Unit
First established 2015 we have used all our current equipment to supply you with an fully mobile recording unit with extremely affordable prices.
We Hire per 12 hour day, this includes 2 hours for setting up and taking down.
You can record as many tracks as time will allow and the tracks will be mixed at the time

Recommended Companies


Loch View Caravans were established in early 2016.
A family run business hiring Luxury Static Caravans in Dumfries and Galloway
They have Luxury 5 Star Gold Standard Caravans with  Double Glazing and Central Heating
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Pure Pic Photography was established in 2010
They have a very wide range of services which include Wedding, Portraiture and Landscape photography.
Pure Pic Photography are also a registered Epson Digigraphie Artist, so they have a wide range of Printing  and Framing services to choose from
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